The room has a width of 3250 mm, a length of 6280 mm and a height of 2540 mm. These dimensions are not optimal from an acoustic point of view. Because access doors are present in both short sides of the room, the speakers can only be placed along the long side. This causes the sound to fire in the shortest dimension of the room. The limitation of speaker placement presents an additional acoustical challenge.




After an acoustic study of the empty space, an acoustic inner shell and an aesthetic design are calculated and drawn in detail on plan.


As the room is only 3250 mm wide, the walls of the acoustic inner shell can only be up to 175 mm deep to maintain the functionality of the room. With our novelty absorption systems we are able to absorb sound up to 20Hz within such restrictions.


After finalization, the construction plans are rendered in 3D to present the aesthetic design to the client.


Below are some 3D renders versus their real life final result.


final result



Below are the measurement results of the acoustic performance of the new studio.


Low Frequency SPL (frequency response)


This measurement shows the amplitude ratio of the low frequencies.

Red = before acoustic treatment. Green = after acoustic treatment.


Before acoustic treatment the SPL fluctuation is + 18dB / -18dB at a resolution of 1/48 per octave (= amplitude differences of 36dB).


After acoustic treatment, the SPL fluctuation is + 1.5dB / -1.5dB at a resolution of 1/48 per octave.

Low and full Frequency Spectogram


This measurement is a top view of the SPL graph and shows how long the frequencies reverberate in time over a period of 60 dB attenuation.


Before acoustic treatment, the room has reverberation times (modal resonances) of up to +2 seconds.

After acoustic treatment, the reverberation time of the room for 20Hz - 20kHz is 200 milliseconds.

Impulse response


This measurement shows the energy of the room after the direct signal has been fired.

Red = before acoustic treatment. Green = after acoustic treatment.



A professional end result was achieved.

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